What is an intensive course?

Our intensive courses involve longer driving lessons, with each session lasting a minimum of three hours and a maximum of six hours. You’ll usually have lessons Monday to Friday, with our most intensive course structure involving lessons every day.

Want to take things slower? We can arrange a semi-intensive course for you, which is easier to fit around a busy schedule — an example of this would be taking three-hour sessions on a couple of days a week.

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How many hours will I need?

According to the DVSA, it takes an average of 45 hours of driving tuition to get up to passing standard. If you’re a complete beginner, we’d recommend taking one of our longest courses to ensure you’re prepared for the test. If you have more driving experience, a shorter course is likely to be more suitable.

What if I need to add extra hours to my course?

It’s usually possible to add more hours to your course. However, to fit the additional hours in, your instructor might ask to reschedule your practical test date. Because of this, it’s best to book the right amount of hours rather than trying your luck with fewer lessons.

Do I need to save any hours from my course for the practical test?
3 hours of your course will be reserved for your test. For example, our 48 hour course would usually include 45 hours of lessons, plus the time used for the practical test.

Nervous driver is this course right for me?

Our experienced, DVSA-approved instructors’ friendly and patient approach to driving tuition will help you feel at ease behind the wheel. Our courses are faster than the old way of learning to drive, but never rushed. Everybody learns differently, so you can take your course at a pace that works for you. Your instructor will pay careful attention to your progress, providing the guidance you need to help you become a safe and confident driver. Don’t worry — you’re in good hands.

Will I be picked up from my home address?

We can pick you up from your home address or family members address If your instructor isn’t able to start lessons from your chosen address, they’ll let you know. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your pick-up address.

Can you pick me up from work?

Usually, yes — you can do your entire course from your work. This may not be possible if your home and work are far apart because all instructors have specific areas that they cover.

When will my lessons start?

To give you the best chance of passing, we design our courses around the practical test date. Once a suitable date has been agreed, we’ll assign an instructor who is able to match your availability. Building your course this way helps to keep your lessons as close to the test date as possible, so everything you learned is fresh in your mind for the big day. Please be prepared to wait a little longer than usual for your lessons to start — driving instructors are still in extremely high demand after lockdowns. (We can get you started on lessons earlier while we look for a last minute test for you this will be an extra cost of £100.00)

Do I need to pay in full on the day of booking?

Nope — you can pay the full balance upfront, or you can pay a Deposit. We only require a £250 deposit to book a course, but you’ll need to pay the full remaining balance of your course within 14 days before your course starts. If payment isn’t made within 14 days of your course starting your course will be placed on hold and any tests booked will be postponed. If booking a last minute course all payments must be made in full the same day of booking.

What does the course price include?

Our prices include everything you need to go from provisional to pass, including test bookings and admin fees.  Your course will also come with a pass guarantee. This guarantee means that we will pay for your second driving test in full should you fail your first test taken with us.