Plan ahead and sign up with our 369 payment plan.
guaranteed retest driving lessons

Plan ahead for a life changing ability to confidently drive both safely and legally with a full UK driving licence in 3,6, or 9 months.

If you have experience or if you have not even got a provisional licence yet then we can help you every step of the way with all your driving needs.

The freedom you will gain from your entitlement to drive will bring you many new opportunities and you can plan this success into your life right now!


Book a course 3 months ahead with 3 equal monthly payments


Book a course 6 months ahead with 6 equal monthly payments


Book a course 9 months ahead with 9 equal monthly payments














Todays prices frozen with our 3,6,9 payplan.  Book today and we will guarantee you todays prices. Which means should our course prices rise before you start your training then you will remain on the same price as today when you sign up. All prices are based on a 30 hour manual course with driving test

The easy and simple 3 6 & 9 monthly payments may be broken down further into weekly payments if this is a better option for you to choose.

The great thing about when you sign up for a 3, 6, 9 payment plan is that your journey starts today! In the present. You can book the days that suit you best and look forward to your course knowing that you now have all the resources you need right here.
All 369 courses come with our Pass Guarantee and Money Back guarantee and because you are signing up today then you can avoid disappointment by securing your driver training days & test dates months ahead. All you have to do us let us know your preferences when signing up. guaranteed retest driving lessons.

Let us help you every step of the way and sign up today with a 3,6,9 pay plan.

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